To travel is to take a journey into yourself.
— Danny Kaye, 1913 - 1987

Professional Writers

Start making money with TravelJournal!

What is the Professional Writers Program?

TravelJournal lets you take part in the online travel business and make advertising money from your writing talent. Rather than writing great travel content for free, allowing commercial publishers to capitalize on your hard work, earn some money in return.

Why should I join?

Creating and maintaing a travel blog or website by yourself is a complicated and time consuming task. Usually it also involves spending money on hosting, marketing and other related expenses.

Save yourself the hassle, effort and cost and let us do all the heavy lifting for you. TravelJournal gives you the means to focus solely on writing while we take care of all the rest.

TravelJournal provides you with the best online authoring tools to create fascinating travel related content. We take care of all the technical details so all you need to concentrate on is writing.

You don't have to start from scratch...

Publishing on TravelJournal immediatly exposes your work to a constantly growing travelers' community, allows you to reach new audiences, expand your circle of readers, and earn more money!

How does it work?

TravelJournal lets you earn money by placing advertisements on your journals. These ads are provided by external ad networks that automatically match contextually relevant ads to your content.

You'll be generating revenues every time a visitor to your journal clicks on an ad. Once you hit the minimum earnings, you will get paid directly by the ad network.

We currently incorporate the Google AdSense network as our primary ad provider. Additional ad networks will be added in the future.

Getting signed up with Google AdSense and associate it with your TravelJournal account is easy. Please follow these step-by-step instructions.

As usual, please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or need further assistance.

A word about quality writing

TravelJournal will make sure that the highest quality journals will be getting the most traction and awareness among our community, hence generating more revenue to their creators.

We'll be achieving that by using score and popularity factors to rank journals on search results conducted by our users, and also by manually picking selected journals to be featured on our homepage and other locations in the system.

It is important to know that the better your writing is the better your chances to increase your income.