Travel only with thy equals or thy betters; if there are none, travel alone.
— The Dhammapada


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The Erwin family's Europe trip!

Jul 2017 - Aug 2017

London, England

London England

1st Day


Hi everyone this is the ErwinEurope trip Journal that you are reading at the moment! We arrived in London England on the 15th of July and even though we were only there for 3 days it was still AMAZING! The 1st day we arrived in London England we did so much we went out for breakfast(which was really good!), we saw Buckingham Palace, we experienced Hyde Park and we went on the hop on hop off tour bus. It was a busy day! When we first arrived in London we didn't know where we were going but that was because no one mentioned that the street signs were on the side of buildings😒 So we are telling you now that if you don't know where you are going look on the side of buildings and you will figure it out. The time difference between Canada and England is 5 hours so try to sleep on the plane because let me tell I didn't get a great sleep and every time we stopped at a restaurant or bus I slept it was awful! We stayed in a very unique part of London it was called Soho.It was really diverse and colourful. The flat had a loft with a bed on it which Payton and I slept on. It was pretty cool! My family loved London England and I think you will too! We will keep you updated!

London England

2nd and last day in London England


Hi! The 2nd and last day in London England was also amazing! We went to a cute little market that we loved! It was called Camden Market. But that wasn't the only thing that made that day awesome we also went to The Tower Of London. That was quite the experience! We went all around the old palace. We saw all the Crown Jewels that the royal family in London has/ is being/ been used. The last day in London was a great finally. We went to Notting Hill and saw some markets and then we went to Covent Garden! Now has anyone heard of the musical Kinky Boots? Well that's what we spent are last night in London seeing. It was fabulous! Worth seeing for sure. London was incredible and I think anyone who is looking for a educational but fun vacation then you should come to London England! See you all in Paris France!

Paris, France



Hello everyone, We arrived in Paris! The walk to are flat we stayed in was long but the work out was worth it. The Paris Catacombs were quite the experience it was pretty weird to see other people's bones but it was a part in history so it was still interesting to see. In Paris a key thing to do as a tourist is tour around but in Paris there is a lot of things to see so a good compermise is to go on a hop on hop off tour bus. As well as the tour bus we had a water tour we went on a boat ride to see all these beautiful views in a different angle. The boat ride was about 1 hour and was awesome. We saw some dancing, my family loved seeing that because we know that at home we wouldn't be seeing people dancing but seeing people on their phones. In Paris their is a place called Angelina's. We had a recommendation to go to here. Angelina's is a restaurant but we didn't have Angelina's recommended for the dinner food but for the macaroons and the hot chocolate. Both of these items were a big hit with the Erwin family! Since we had that place recommended we are now recommending you to go as well so if your planning on going to Paris go to Angelina's. I know this sounds stereotypical but the crepes in Paris are something you should try. We will keep you updated! See you in Germany!



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