A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.
— Moslih Eddin Saadi, 1184 - 1283


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Jun 2017

Documenting our trip round SE Asia

Leaving London Town


We didn’t speak much either on the way to the airport or at the airport, Yogi and I. We didn’t have the words. Drained, physically and emotionally. This has been one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. So much preparation, all the planning, the packing and the goodbyes. It has been made even harder given the recent events in London. London is our hometown and always will be. It has been our lives for over two decades. It is a city torn, a city under siege and we feel like we are leaving it at a moment when it needs all the positivity and help it can get. We didn’t want to exit like that. There’s been a lot of tears, some shed from saying goodbye to dear friends but others at the sheer tragedy of recent events. I won’t get political on this blog. It isn’t the right place. But I will say just this one thing. Humanity needs to change. We keep repeating the same mistakes. We are the most evolved species but have not evolved ourselves anymore. We cannot continue to put profit and greed before human life and the fate of the planet. It has to stop. One Earth. One humanity. But we are now on our journey. Personally, I’ve never needed the time off more. Burnt out is probably a little strong but certainly in need of some time to clear my head and find my best self again. Working in the technology industry can be utterly draining and its not down to the work itself, it’s the multitude of people that just simply aren’t very good at it. I realise this is the same across other industries too but having to constantly herd cats and double and triple check everything that gets done ends up being exhausting, along with the constant need to fight and argue for doing the right thing. The current status quo isn’t good in terms of the huge uprising of the Indian IT outsource model most medium to large organisations operate for their technology solutions. The price is cheap, yes, but the quality is dreadful most of the time. I have a business idea on how to fix that but I need time off first before actioning it. Anyway, enough shop talk. I’m not working for months. The journey started well. Get to the airport, check in and get given an upgrade. This is a good omen. Currently just flown over India which was, originally, our first stop but we ended up leaving a lot later in the year than we planned on. We may head back to India in October although it does muck up the flight plan a little en route to Sydney as we’ll be going back on ourselves!Yoges is still asleep. This isn’t normal. I’m usually the one that sleeps the whole flight. I have slept for about 5 hours and of course, London to Jakarta is 14 hours 10 minutes, so its not like you can sleep ALL that time (although I wouldn’t mind). Currently being tossed around like a rag doll with the turbulence, its pretty heavy right now. It usually is over this part of the world, over the Bay of Bengal. Coffee nearly went everywhere but a large saucer caught most of it and I could pour it back in. Keep thinking about how much my Mother would not be enjoying this right now, she’s not particularly fond of flying, especially when it’s somewhat bouncy. Just ordered more coffee so I suspect more bumpiness. It’ll be late when we finally arrive in Bali, local time. Around 1am. Of course, to our body clocks it will be much earlier but we should hopefully be tired enough to get to sleep at a reasonable time. We are staying at Echo Beach in Chengu. It’s a surfer beach so while Yogi gets her nails done tomorrow (didn’t get time before we left), I’ll go and grab a surf lesson. Its been a long time since I’ve surfed so I expect a lot of falling off. I tend to pick things back up reasonably quickly but I also need to constantly remind myself I’m not in my twenties anymore, something I inherently have a problem with as I’m indestructible (in my head) but we all know that isn’t true. Anyway, enough for the first entry as breakfast is arriving. I might get a glass of champagne with it. When I say might, I mean I will. Who am I kidding?Happy days.

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