The journey is the reward.
— Taoist Saying


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I'm 49, Female, from United States


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United Kingdom

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Alex and Sarah get married

May 2016

The adventures and antics of 28 friends and family members of Alex Baker and Sarah McCary as they travel across the Atlantic Ocean to a remote Castle in Scotland.

Travel blogs rock

Not my first rodeo


It has been some time since I have had a travel adventure worthy of written and photographic documentation but I am pleased to announce that in two days a new journey shall begin. Over my lifetime I have blogged about some of my adventure trips and enjoyed sharing my posts and comments with friends and family. Because my impending trip is such a special occasion I wanted to invite you again to share the experience with me through this travel blog. What's happening? I will be spending a week with my amazing son, his future wife Sarah, and their wedding party traveling across Scotland. Sarah has planned a road trip to the Isle of Mull where they will repeat their nuptials outside Glengorm Castle overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and I feel fortunate and blessed to be a part of their grand wedding adventure!!!This post is simply an invitation to read about Scotland, our travel adventures, and to witness the Wedding. I don't know how but I hope to bring you some photos, videos, live feeds, etc... I am terribly excited to be traveling with some really nerdy young people who know much more about technology than I do. We leave the 21st of May so stay tuned.

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