One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time.
— John Wanamaker, 1838 - 1922


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Wetheralls Away!!

Jan 2016 - Feb 2016

A month of family adventure in the Seychelles!






Hello Seychelles!

The journey is over!


They say the journey is part of the experience and it certainly was with Theo enjoying the taxi rides as much as the plane. Long haul flying wasn't as bad as Id imagined thanks to plentiful food and back to back films (Theo not myself or M!).
I'd packed very carefully for the plane with endless stickers, bins, wet wipes, spare clothes, clothes for arrival. But that didn't take into account my terrible memory so I could never find anything!!
The boat ride to Silhouette Island was memorable due to Theo being sick and a 1 hour delay due to fishermen putting a net across the harbour! Grace finally slept in my arms!
Now we are settling in! Some elements of familiarity as we spent 5 nights here on honeymoon but it's a different experience this time round!! We have been v excited to spot enormous crabs, fruit bats, lizards, geckos and colourful fish already!

My day by Theo!

What I've been up to ...


Today Daddy took me and Grace swimming as Mummy is poorly (tummy bug :( ) I did my best swimming. A man called David cut open a coconut for me and put a straw in for us to drink it. He said it was healthy so I took some back to make Mummy better.
I am a bit frightened of the giant crabs as I nearly ran into one yesterday!
It has rained a lot today but it doesn't matter as its so warm. Later we played on the beach making sandcastles, sculptures and big footprints. Mummy took me paddling too. Grace doesn't like the sand on her feet very much but she likes everything else! X

Thursday a bad day for Deb :(

Torticullis Spasticus


A fancy name and a big medical bill for essentially a bad muscle sprain in the neck and shoulder. Happy to report on the mend slowly now!

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