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Beautiful British Virgin Islands - A Sparkling String of Jewels in the Caribbean Sea

Oct 2014 - Dec 2015

Our Highly Anticipated and Much Needed Honeymoon!

Back to the Beginning (sorta...) Before Looking to the Future


On a breezy autumn afternoon in late October last year, I bent down on one knee atop a large outcrop on the edge of the Pacific. We had pulled off the highway north of Carmel to watch the surf and enjoy the view (or so she thought!). After a couple minutes of building my courage, I did the "down on one knee" thing, and I asked Julie to marry me - in front of a small crowd of strangers who had seen us, stopped their car, and got out to watch unbeknownst to us, all because they said it looked like I was going to propose! Our lives will never be the same! From that day its been excitement, planning, frustration, anticipation, more planning... how to combine two households, five children, two cats, a dog, and several fish is quite the challenge, all while planning a wedding too!Anyway... Christmas day, 2015, is fast approaching, and that date will mark the six month countdown until we are finally are married... Obviously its now time to talk HONEYMOON!

Sometimes Plans Change... Even Honeymoon Plans.


So, the truth is that Julie and I hadn't always had our hearts set on honeymooning in the Caribbean. Not that the Caribbean was our second choice... although technically... but I think we prefer to consider the Islands as more of an alternate first choice for an entirely different type of honeymoon. Originally we were destined for the city of light. Great plans had been made to stay in a cozy boutique hotel right in the heart of the city on Ile de la Cite for what would have been a fabulous week. But, we got cold feet - the possibility of a terror attack interrupting our special time together couldn't be ruled out. SO... as I said before, sometimes plans change.

Sorry Paris... Just deal with it and move on. We did.

Decision Made!

TORTOLA - British Virgin Islands! YEAH!!!


A great flurry of activity today! I officially rebooked our airline tickets and then cancelled and booked new hotel accommodations. A few clicks of the mouse (and a modest rebooking charge - thanks United!) quickly transformed SFO to CDG into LAX to SJU. Cape Air, who seem to fly almost everywhere in the Caribbean, graciously agreed to shuttle us the last 90 miles to the British Virgin Islands for a small (LOL!) additional fee.Much research and contemplation led us to book a villa at Frenchman's on Tortola's West End as our home base for the week. The privacy of a villa, the amenities of a boutique resort.. what's not to love? We will not be disappointed!


  1. Frenchman's on Tortola
  2. Cape Air
  3. TripAdvisor.com

A Quick Glimpse of Frenchman's

(just a tease until we actually go!)

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