Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.
— Peter Hoeg, 1957 -


Dawn Richard loves to travel and more than that loves to share his travel experiences with all.

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Things to Enjoy in San Francisco

Know all about the top 5 things to experience in SFO. From Golden Gate Bridge to Cable Cars and from Alcatraz to Chinatown the city has it all.


Planning to visit San Francisco soon but haven’t yet decided on what all you will do there. Then join me on this top 5 countdown and learn all that this lovely bay area city has to offer you.

View the Incredible Golden Gate Bridge
There is only one way to begin your San Francisco city Tour – head straight to the Golden Gate Bridge. World’s most famous bridge is the pride of San Francisco. It first opened in 1937 and is the most distinguished landmark of the city. It is simply incredible to view the bridge with baleful fog surrounding it. The 1.7-mile span of the bridge can stun even the most traveled visitor. Believed to be the most photographed thing on the planet Earth, Golden Gate Bridge offers one of the most classic views of San Francisco. A bike tour on the Golden Gate Bridge will be an idle way to spend few hours here. Most bike rentals come for $9 per hour. Bikes are permissible on the western side of the bridge.

Take a Ride in the Cable Car
Apart from the Golden Gate Bridge even Cable Cars are Iconic and distinctively San Francisco. Known as the moving landmark of San Francisco a ride in the same will cost you $6 for one-way journey. However, if you have the San Francisco CityPASS you can travel as many times as you want. A cute remembrance of the times before the introduction of buses and cars in the city, these cable cars give a retro-feel to the city. Only three trolley lines exists now with Powell to Hyde Street being the most frequented and the most popular route. People line up on both ends of the routes all day long, so be prepared to wait for a while before your turn comes.

Visit Alcatraz
World's most famous prison, Alcatraz should be your next pit stop. Known for its notorious inmates and people who tried escaping from this prison, Alcatraz is situated on an island. It served as a federal prison for 29 years. At present this inauspicious building lies vacant, but movies like 'Birdman from Alcatraz' and 'Escape from Alcatraz' has been successful in keeping the memories of this prison alive. You must book your Alcatraz tour at least 2 to 3 days in advance, as tickets get sold way too quickly. Weather is unpredictable and varies frequently. It can be extremely hot, cold or rainy hence, i is advisable to dress in layers and wear comfy shoes.

Stroll in Chinatown
The city of San Francisco is home to the largest Chinatown outside Asia. It is the right place to hit, when on the lookout for inexpensive souvenirs, herbal products and delicious ‘dim-sum’. It will be a delight to watch how the fortune cookies are made. Do not forget to try them. Chinatown is a city within a city to be explored best on foot. Built in the historic heart of San Francisco, near the Portsmouth Square, the entrance to Chinatown at Grant Avenue and Bush Street is called the "Dragon's Gate."

Enjoy Food
San Francisco is proud of its 4500 restaurants located all across the city. Eating is like an attraction in SFO. Known as the best restaurant city in the United States, the chefs here are a pro at creating gourmet wonders. From Michelin star restaurants to sumptuous comfort food, there are eateries for every palate and pocket. Think of a cuisine and VOILA the city has it for you. Slanted Door, Ozumo – best sushi restaurant, Eat Real Fest, Don Pisto’s – popular Mexican restaurant and Foreign Cinema – fusion restaurant offering California/Mediterranean cuisine are few of the best restaurants in the city.

The best part about this big city is that it sums up in a total distance of 49 square miles, making it easy for travelers to dig into the length and breadth of the city, in a short span of time. By experiencing all the five above your journey to San Francisco can easily be marked as completed. Happy Traveling!


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ParcelHero Top 10 Alternative London

The first time you visit London you are a tourist, the second time, you are a visitor.


London is a massive metropolis with thousands of things to do so why not avoid the traditional tourist trail with ParcelHero’s insider tips on what to do in the capital. Forget the inexplicable mega queues at Madame Tussauds, go beyond the guide book and discover a more interesting London.

Walk the walk: The Thames Path
Get some exercise and see London from the riverbank. The Thames Path is a National Trail footpath running right through the heart of the city. Go from Greenwich to the London Eye (7.5m) and see London and its iconic landmarks along the way.

Quintessentially English: Afternoon tea at The Ritz
Nothing could be more English than afternoon tea and nowhere is more luxurious than tea at The Ritz in the famous Palm Court. Finger sandwiches, deluxe cakes, scones, bubbly and the tinkling of the ivories as the pianist plays.

Marketing: Brick Lane
Stroll through one of London’s most eclectic markets, from junk and bric-a-brac to quirky fashions, gourmet treats and kitsch homewares. You can find almost anything here and you are also in London’s spiritual home of the curry. Alternatively grab a salt beef beigal at the famous Brick Lane Beigal Bake.

Medicine Man: The Hunterian Museum
As well as the more illustrious museums, check out this grisly home to medical experimentation assembled by surgeon and anatomist John Hunter. A fascinatingly ghoulish slice of olde worlde Victoriana.

Speakeasy: Cellar Door
Once reputedly the haunt of Oscar Wilde, Joe Orton and Quentin Crisp, this underground former public lavatory is now a cabaret club for cocktails, burlesque shows and music. 1930s Berlin meets NY speakeasy.

Breakfast Club: The Regency Cafe
The breakfast empires are built on. Have the full English breakfast at one of London’s greatest ‘greasy spoons’, the charming Regency café in Westminster which has been there since 1946. A recommended hangover cure along the way. Reviews-Regency_Cafe

Make a Splash: Duck Tours
Take a tour with a difference in an amphibious World War 2 DUKW or ‘Duck’ which starts off as a road tour of famous landmarks before splashing down into the Thames.

Go Green: Hyde Park & Speakers Corner
London is one of the world’s greenest cities and Hyde Park is one of its best Royal Parks. Includes the Lady Diana memorial fountain and playground as well as Speaker’s Corner, London’s famous home of free speech.

Get Gastro: Borough Market
Foodie paradise for gastronomes and London’s oldest market. Fresh bread to rare meats, game, fish, artisan cheeses and everything eatable in between. Get there early as it gets very busy!

War Games: The Churchill War Rooms
Discover the3 formerly secret underground world where Winston Churchill and his generals ran the war and from where he made his famous wartime speeches. Left exactly how they were in 1945.

If you are visiting London and can’t resist all the lovely treats, shopping and little treasures to be picked up left right and centre, send them home with ParcelHero. They can be waiting for you when you get home and you can avoid cramming them into your suitcase or having to pay scary airline baggage charges.


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