Travel makes a wise man better, and a fool worse.
— Thomas Fuller, 1608 - 1661


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1 day till MP eeeeekkkkkkk!!!!


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One Lucky Lady off to see the World!

Mar 2014 - Jun 2014

Let the Adventure begin.............thank you Edwina and Cruise Portfolio for allowing me this wonderful opportunity.






Oh my goodness 5 days and counting!!!!


Feeling very surreal dont think it will be reality until I am on the plane!

4 hours in Vietnam

Just a few bikes................


First impressions of Ho Chi Minh City - I love it! Bikes, bikes and more bikes....seriously it is crazy, crossing the road is like playing chicken Ive worked out already being nonchalant and giving them direct stares as they hurtle towards you is the best tactic! I've noticed they all wear helmets as they speed along, but I have seen the occasional 2.4 family riding tandem style and none of the kids/babies wear helmets but the adults all do - whats that about!

The people dont seem quite as friendly as the Thai's (but I have only just got here)and it has a more rustic feel about it. I've no idea what is going on with currency just paid 85,000 for my dinner what a bargain....i think! My room with no window is actually rather nice apart from when you stand in the bath it nearly falls off the wall, but hey it adds to charm!

Looking forward to a proper stomp tomorrow in the daylight.

Love Nats


Followed by more walking and a foot massage!


Today was fun, I've walked the entire tourist district of HCM! The day went surprisingly quickly, by the time I had breakfast, showered, checked my guide manuals, double checked my guide manuals!! It was time to head out into the mid morning heat.....First stop was the markets round the corner - these were fascinating from the tourist tack to the to the fresh fish of the day commotion! Of course the labyrinth of the market confused me and I came out a completely different entrance, I studied my map and was immediately accosted "you wanna take a ride on my bike?" No chance I've seen these roads....another fellow tourist comes up to me -also lost. My travel confidence rocketed as I actually managed to work out roughly where we were and even pointed him in the right direction - go me! So off I head to next stop the Vietnam Museum a beautiful old colonial building with lovely cold drafty rooms, it wasn't particularly interesting, but it was beautifully quiet and chilled and I happily whiled away an hour or so. I then headed up the main tourist drag and ended up at a mini Notre Dam- I actually preferred the the imperial post office building opposite. Next stop - The War Museum, for some reason I was really looking forward to this....but it just made me feel really sad, lots of graphic images (so not quite sure in my head why I was thinking it would be a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.) Still an important visit as it is the infrastructure to modern day Vietnam. My route home was take me via I quote from the guide book "the hub of Vietnam" Lam Son Sq - very disappointing just some posh hotels and rather expensive shops -so I cheered myself up with a foot massage!

HCM City is interesting but it's not on my Top 10 cities list, the fact that I have pretty much covered the entire what to do in the guide book in one day says it all. Really looking forward to meeting the group tomorrow evening, thinking a day by the Sofitel Roof Top pool may be in order tomorrow :)


Mekong Delta

First Day of the Tour.....


The day starts out almost being dissapointing, but fast becomes a trip highlight. We board our bus to take us to the Mekong Delta, my expectations are high but to my dissapointment we didnt stray too far from the tourist track. We were taken to several overley tourist places, though I did enjoy the coconut factory its amazing how many things you can do with 1 coconut!! After that the day just got better and better we took a paddle boat to lunch through the dense backwaters of the Mekong, thus straightaway giving the illusion that we had left modern civilasation far behind. Lunch was about 12 courses - the food here just keeps coming and coming, and the finali was this Snap Fish delievered to us whole and upright and shreded off and then folded into rice paper. After lunch there was time for a quick snooze in the hammock, perfect way to digest such a large lunch. We then headed out on our bikes, this was so much fun you really get to see first hand the community of the Mekong Delta, we even diced with death and ventured onto the main road - super exciting who needs the most dangerous road in the world!!! We then travelled further into the Mekong, this time not by boat but by bus to our designated home for the evening, we had to walk the last 15 mins to our home stay as it was hidden in amongst the cocunut jungle. I wasnt sure what to expect I've heard mixed reviews about the previous groups home stay experience in Cambodia but it was lovely, a farm house made out of you gussed it Cocount trees! Feeling hot and sweaty from the bike ride and walk what better way to cool down than to jump into the Mekong River!!! This reminded me of a very special holiday in Kerala, amd we didnt die from water there so what the heck - just dont swallow anything!!! It was delecious though the current was quite strong, I didnt stay in too long as dusk was rapidly approaching and my fear of of misquitos lured me out to get de bugged for the evening. The house was quite large with a big open veranda that we sat out and ate dinner, there was a lot of staying so me and the young un's were in the dorm room! The family cokked for us (well we attempted to hep by making the spring rolls!) after another huge spread, we palyed a rather odd game with the guide, and our tour guide and the daughter of the house, it involved a lot of rice wine, dice and luck! I really enjoyed this experience being by the river, and I'm always feel content in rural settings it brings me closer to nature and its when I feel happiest.

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