Long voyages, great lies.
— Italian proverb


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I'm currently in Feltham, United Kingdom


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Adventures in Europe!

Jul 2012



6 more days till the big day?

"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough." - Lowell Lundstrum


2 years ago, I was a freshman at UC Berkeley. I was only 16 and couldn't believe I was in college. I told myself that I want to one day travel the world, but then it was only a "dream". 2 years later, that dream is coming true. I am 18 years, going into my 3rd year at Berkeley, and in 6 days I will be making my first international trip to the UK. Crazy! I can't believe how fast the time has flown. My "young" age has always been a big factor in doing a lot of things but I have managed to overcome the age barrier and I won't let it stop me from accomplishing my goals in life. You can never be too young to live your life to its fullest :)

I'm leaving on July 20th, and will return in January. Most of my time will be spent studying at my exchange university in Manchester, but I plan on visiting all of London, a lot of cities within the UK such as Wales, Oxford, Kent, Cambridge along with as many countries as possible in Europe. Currently on my list is Norway, Sweden, France, Italy and Spain. The list will get longer once I get there, I'm sure! Till then, I'm packing, packing packing! and also saying my goodbyes [one of the hardest things to do]. This last week is going to be a very emotional week for me but I will use the love of my family and friends to carry me through. I feel like it hasn't fully sunk in that I won't be seeing the people I love everyday, or that I will be starting over in a strange land. But somewhere deep inside me, I know that everything is going to be okay. I'm so thankful that God has given me the opportunity to start accomplishing one of my biggest goals in life! I hope to be sharing my experiences along the way through this journal and hope to keep in touch as much as I can. Ahhhh! Can't believe it's almost here!

Thought of the day: Dare to LIVE :)

Welcome to the UK!


July 21st - after a 9 hour flight, I arrived into London. 2 story airplane, window seat, blanket, personal tv/entertainment screen, 2 course dinner, dessert, breakfast in the morning, beautiful views from the airplane; it turned out to be a great flight :) All I heard around me on the plane was British speaking people with lovely accents! The man sitting next to be was from London and he was flying back. I thought the weather would be horrible, but surprisingly, it was really nice. The sun was out compared to the previous day that rained. Got picked up from the airport and went on another 6 hour ride to Wales in which I will be spending my first week in.

~ People saying toilets instead of bathroom, rubbish instead of garbage, steering wheels on the right side of cars instead of the left, beautiful nature sceneries....Welcome to the UK :)

Wales, United Kingdom - Cefn Lea (nature site/campgrounds)

UK Campmeeting is held here at this site. Will be here in Wales from the 22nd - 29th.

Loving the UK! (well, Wales haha)


Went sightseeing the other day around the town in Wales. One thing that especially caught my eye was the old style buildings that have still remained through the years. The architecture on those buildings are astonishing, each one boasting a unique color, height and detail of their own. To my understanding, Wales is a small town and here people are very laidback and more "country-styled" compared to the busy city life of London. Also had a chance to do some window shopping and see some of the fashions that come from London. I'm so glad I forgot to bring my wallet with me because I would have been tempted to spend some pounds! [compared to dollars haha] I will try to make it to the city center this Saturday to explore more of Wales :)

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