Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.
— Mark Twain, 1835 - 1910


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Southeast Asia winter 2011

Sep 2011 - Dec 2011

Brief photo updates from my winter 2011 journey in Australia and Southeast Asia.






Kakadu National Park, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Diving with sharks

Started the (epic) journey scuba diving in Cairns. It was amazing even though I only had a short introductory dive. Only problem is, that it can only go downhill from here. Saw a shark, some clown fish and a manta ray-ish species down on the seabed. It was amazing hearing nothing but my own breathing – but a little weird getting used to breathing in and out of the mouth. That required some getting used to. The first descend into the abyss was the highlight and so much more exciting than hurrying down and up with a snorkel. I guess one of the fascinations people have with scuba diving is that it is the closing thing you get to become an astronaut. You get a lot of interesting equipment strapped to your back and a chance to discover the unknown otherwise inaccessible to man. Unfortunately can’t share a photo of the experience. Or… well I guess I could, but the underwater photographer wanted an outrageous price for a photo DVD (And what good is a DVD anyway in a time where no one has disk drives?)

Sydney part 1: Fog and rain in the Blue Mountains

My prediction from last was spot on. Sydney is worse than Cairns. It was quite a difference coming from 30 degrees and Paradise in Cairns to rainy Sydney. The Blue Mountains trip I was on today was the biggest disappointment so far because of the weather. It was rainy, muddy and most importantly so foggy that it was impossible to see anything. The three sisters were there, I think. But I couldn’t see them. My Hostel is crap. Whenever you enter your Hostel room you immediately know if the place is decent or somewhere you know you just want to get away from as soon as possible. I want to run.

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