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North Wales, or Bust!

Jul 2011 - Sep 2011



74 Days and counting!

Can't Wait!


Yes, I am counting the days until my big adventure across the pond. I'm North Wales bound on the evening of 5 October and I can NOT wait.

My flights have changed dramatically; I am now transferring in Paris (hearing horror stories of DeGaulle airport) on the way over and via Amsterdam on the way back. Maybe I should be doing some studying of Paris airport with my time so I don't get lost and miss my connection to Manchester.

My trip has been booked since March and it's only now that it's really taking root in my head. The trip is a mix of pleasure and some work (but being that I love my job, I guess it's all pleasure). I arrive in Manchester and will promptly visit the grave of a US Marine buried there--that was a long and interesting research project and it yielded excellent results. I am staying in Llandudno (Victorian sea-side resort town, replete with pier and tramway).

The tourmaster has promised "castles agogo" in North Wales and I've chosen only three as my "must see" since there is only a week to be spent. Caernarfon, Conwy and Beaumaris. The rest is open to suggestions and ready for exploration. I have been promised that there WILL be tea and stickies to be had as well. :)

Well, for now, I sit with my maps hung on the wall, watch the continuing changing of flight times (by minutes) and decide the plan of attack on DeGualle airport. Look out North Wales, here I come!


  1. Beaumaris
  2. Conwy
  3. Caernarfon


There goes the tush!


Just back from a very quick trip to Yakima, Washington, for work. The flight from Dulles went straight to Seattle and then a layover before flying on to Yakima.

From Dulles to Seattle was a five hour flight. Thankfully, I was sitting in an aisle seat and could get up and move around. Even with that, my knee started to ache as did my tush. Of course, on the trip out, I was suffering from something I had eaten for breakfast and once I arrived in Seattle I was sweating and ready to just lay down and die. However, and thankfully, I had a little over two-hours to kill. I was able to get some chewable Pepto tablets and ease the pain. The flight to Yakima was a quick (and pretty) 30 minutes.

The return trip took ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL day. Yakima to Seattle, Seattle to Salt Lake, then Salt Lake to Dulles. The last leg of the trip (ie the longest of the three) I was stuck in the window seat. Only thing worse is the middle. Didn't matter though. By the time we landed, I was ready to run screaming from the plane. Oh, did I mention the dueling banjos (ie screaming babies). Thankfully for in-flight wi-fi and my loud iPod.

All this reminded me that I need to make sure I have an aisle seat on my way to Wales and back. I'll never survive the long flights if I have to sit in the middle or window seat where I'd have to literally crawl across two other (or more!) people to get out and stretch my legs and thereby suffering from numbbuttitis. :)

65 Days and Counting

No, I'm not excited


Ok, I am. I'm getting to the point where I almost can't stand the wait any longer. However, I am also very nervous about the long plane ride and possibility of getting lost in Paris' airport.There is a slight chance of getting to see a local rugby match while there. It's only a possibility, but what fun!? Master Tour Guide (MTG from this point forward) told me about this awesome ritual that the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team performs... called "Haka" Check out the link--very interesting. MTG also said something about "hope the weather holds" and honestly, that's the last thing on my mind. I don't care if it rains the entire time I'm there. The sheer fact that I will be in a totally different country with history thousands of years older than our own (which means you can't swing a stick and not hit some layer of history) will mean far more to me than if the sun is out or not.So, anyway, down to 65 days and I'm excited.

Recce on CDG

Putting my skills to work!


Since the flights I'm taking are pretty regular, I decided to see if I could find out what gates they arrived and departed from at de Gaulle (CDG) airport in Paris. Doing a little reconnaissance (recce).

So, thanks to "Flight Aware" and "Bonjour la France" websites, I was able to determine that my flights all go in/out of Terminal 2E. Of course, CDG would have to have THREE levels to Terminal 2. Thankfully, I'm not going between terminals (as best I can tell).

The internet has opened up the ability to see airport layout maps and parking information and so much more. Bless the person(s) who helped make international travel so much easier.

64 days and counting....

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