We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.
— Hilaire Belloc, 1870 - 1953


fell in love, took a chance, started a life seeing the world

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I'm 30, Female, from caterham, surrey, United Kingdom

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Festivals & events, Snowboarding, Live concerts, Food & wine, Kayaking / Canoeing, Camping, Backpacking, Wildlife viewing, Swimming, Snorkeling

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Leaving everything for love....

Feb 2010

long term travelling with someone you love ..... easy right?

6 weeks of fear and now the fun begins


Its been 6 weeks since Alex left me to go to india, I am at heathrow airport and crying my eyes out as I say goodbye to my mum, dad and little sister gabs and making sure ive not forgot anything important (i did but more on that later).
After about an hour of crying my way through security I find myself just wandering the airport so buy myself a bag of jelly babys and liquoric allsorts (something my mum used to do for me whenever we went away) this is the first time since entering my adult years ive travelled internationally alone i guess its a comfort thing.
I seem to be the only person crying which weirds me out....
My flight leaves in 2 hours im nervous as hell but excited too, I'm going to meet the man I love and in doing say say goodbye to my old life and hello to god know what.

Hello Darling, im very drunk.......

singapore and a very unromantic reunion


Arrived in singapore after an extremely pleasant 12.5 flight with quantas and im happy to report did not vomit once.
After smoking copious amounts out the back of the airport I ventured into the city taking the extremely efficient and regular SMRT.
First thing I notice about singpore is the heat and the cleanliness, so so different from London. Spent about 6 hours catching buses and wandering around trying to find something interesting to see or do, to be honest there was alot of construction going on and as i wasnt venturing far out of the city didnt see much, met a bloke who worked at a viaduct (again was under construction) went with him as he said there was an art gallery, was pretty cool all to do with the enviroment. Met a couple of teachers who were heading back on the bus with me so stopped of and had a drink by the river, 13 bucks for a pint hmmmm Then headed back to the airport to meet the dude.

Alex's Flight has just landed I feel extremely sick, all sort of doubts start to pop in my head i have a ridiculous case of butterflies and i wish i had had something alot harder to drink. Im hiding behind a screen looking like an absolute numpty as I can see him at customs, he is soo blonde and looking alot thinner.
He is walking out the door and i dont know what to do so I slide out of my hiding place and wave, he is just grinning back we move closer together and then he grabs me and gives me a massive hug, he stinks of booze hahaha brilliant "Hello darling Im sooo drunk" well not the romantic runion im used to seeing in films but hey itll do. We venture outside for a catchup and he can tell me of his tales of india.....

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