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Feb 2011 - Apr 2011

Adventures in a Country Where my Name is for Boys



The Beginning


I've lived here in Cork for a month now! I'm still amazed at how fast time flies! In this past month I haven't gone too far from Cork except one trip to Kinsale which was absolutely gorgeous and I look forward to going there in the summer again. Other than that I've been spending my time exploring Cork city but haven't seen even close to everything it has to offer. But am looking forward to doing that within the next couple months or so :)

yigal said:
Last updated: 14 Feb 11, 11:29am

Hey jhofsink,

Thanks for sharing your adventures from Ireland! Last I've been there was 10 years ago on a business trip limited to Dublin, so I definitely gonna follow your journal and see what I've missed... ;-)

We also took the liberty to feature your journal on our homepage.

Thanks again,
Yigal & the TJ team

A Gorgeous Sunny Week in Cork

St. Patrick's Day!

I spent Pattie's Day in Cork and holy was it ever busy! Not as busy as Dublin I'm sure but it took me absolutely aaaages to catch a bus to town in order to meet some of friends for the parade. Once I finally made it to town, I was shocked to see that there was not a whole lot of people dressed up in the Irish colours of green, white, and/or orange. I had imagined EVERYONE dressed from head to toe, but I guess only the tourists and visitors were the ones to go so extreme. After the parade, we raced to the pub along with the rest of the crowd to get a green pint. Like you would imagine, it tasted the same, though of course it's much more fun! I was shocked to be drinking at such an early hour of 1 in the afternoon, though later in the year I would realize that was not even early in Irish standards! All in all, it was a great experience. The party continued long into the night with many leprechauns leaping about and the pubs packed to the max.

Fota Wildlife Park

One afternoon, my friend Zara and I took the nice and short 20min train ride aaallll the way to Fota. She had invited me along and I was just expecting the average zoo. However, it was even better! Though there was a few animals in actual fully fenced enclosures, most of the animals were only in short-fenced pens or were free to roam around the grounds! We were directly greeted by a huge peacock and it got even better as we went along. From the baboons who were putting on a show for us and the unexpected giraffes and zebras to the penguins waddling around and a colourful display from a parrot. A brilliant day!

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