The knowledge of the world is only to be acquired in the world, and not in the closet.
— Philip Henry Stanhope, 1805 - 1875


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Lan Stark's Even Greater Than the Last Great Adventure... Adventure!!

Jan 2018 - Apr 2018

(or how I got to travel about, talk to lots of interesting - & most likely not so interesting - people - drink, eat, marvel at things & have a stupendous time!)




The countdown is on!

32 days & falling.....


So very excited.

Yesterday I received an email from Jacqui & Simon who own Ancarva cottage. This is a gorgeous cottage in Cornwall that I found on Airbnb. It's in Perranwell which is not too far from Truro. Super lovely place & really close to a village pub :) Such a lovely message from them with all sorts of useful tips & links to make my stay there a good one.

Today I received my Paris Pass in the post. It's a four day pass & I have a Paris Visite card which is for use on the public transport in Paris. It is made of cardboard which I was slightly surprised about. I thought it would be plastic like London's Oyster Card but no, the French like to do things in their own Gallic fashion & now that I know that it is ok (Googled it to make sure) I will be Metro-ing & busing it all over Paris. I even intend to catch the train from Gare du Nord, which is where the Eurostar terminates to the station near my hotel - Luxembourg & then I shall walk from there to Hotel Design Sorbonne. Doesn't look too difficult & I don't think I will get lost but we shall have to see.

More soon...

March 3rd & 4th 2018

Taxi Drivers Who Need a Good Murdering & Tea.


Super thrilled about heading off so I was ready very early. Of course the problem with being ready very early is that you are keen to get away.
So I was ready. Sitting about the house trying to be calm & patient when all I wanted was for Paul, Rob & Miss Kate to come & take me to the airport.
It was as hot as buggery outside of course & I was wearing very warm clothes because I was off to the chilly Northern hemisphere where chilliness & cider abounds.
Finally they arrived & finally we were all off - Cosby’s x 3, Stark x 1, my backpack Francois & Patrick my new green suitcase - to Brisbane International airport.
My darling Cosby’s dropped me at the front entrance. Because I had checked in online I just needed to leave Patrick with the Singapore airlines lady, assure her that I had no sharp objects apart from Ken Simpson’s Aussie flag pole & that I would be willing to assist in an emergency situation - all done & then off to get some lunch (sushi) & then down to immigration.
Immigration had changed a tad from my last adventure. One must stand in a cone of silence & assume a ‘hands up & come out quietly’ position. It was a bit of an odd thing really. After that one is wanded all over one’s person & then one shoves one’s passport into a shove your passport in this machine thing & one is away....
There was a fair bit more of waiting about. I won’t bore you with the details but I did some more waiting. While I waited I whistled & did a spot of humming &, of course, chatted to myself cos that is what I do.
Finally we could board our plane - hurrah went I! We stood in a queue & got on the plane like good children going on an excursion.
I had an exit row seat which I had paid a little extra for because anyone putting their seat back in front of me automatically earns a spot on my list. So I thought the exit row option was a good idea for everyone concerned. I also got to sit next to an absolutely delightful lady named Jane. What a super lovely person! We chatted away like old friends & the time went along nicely.
After about 7 hours we arrived at Changi airport & had a very very long walk to our connecting gate for the next leg of the trip. I was so tired & my head was deciding it would like to have a nasty headache please - so it did. God bless Jane, she gave me her water from the plane so I could take some headache tablets & we waited together to board the plane. I hoped that the person I sat next to on the next leg of the trip would as nice but I did not think that would be possible. So when we boarded we wished each other well & went to our assigned seats - exit row again because of the list thing & I settled in for the 14 hour trip to Heathrow.
I so wish I could say this is a wonderful flight but it is not. Singapore airlines are fantastic. The cabin crew was excellent but I was so over being cooped up in a metal box. My carry on bags were in a locker that was far too high for me to reach so I could not get my journal out, or my puzzle book, or more headache tablets, or even more tragically, my toothbrush! My teeth went unbrushed for what seemed like months. Unbrushed & uncared for they sat in my mouth sobbing quietly away & I admit I worried about them & chewed lots of gum hoping that might make them a bit happier but I really don’t think it did...
We arrived at Heathrow a little bit ahead of schedule, collected our bags said a cheery goodbye to lovely Jane & then set off for the National Express bus to take me to Victoria. Even though I was early & even though I could not get my ticket barcode thing to work the lovely bus driver let me get on the bus. I liked that bus driver, he was a great chap & deserves to win the lotto or something like that I think.
Anyway got to Victoria Coach Station & tried to get a cab to my hotel. I say tried because the cab driver (and believe me that I have called him quite a few other names - some of them quite inventive) would not take me because the trip was not long enough. If my eyes had lasers in them he would have been disintegrated in an instant. But alas this is not a super power I possess just yet so I took Patrick, Francois & a long of simmering anger & set off to find my hotel. As you can probably imagine I was one unhappy Lanny. One unhappy & plotting the death of that taxi person, Lanny.
Finally I found The Sheriff Hotel but because it was so very early I was not able to check in yet. They also do not have a foyer that one can sit about to plot the death of any cab drivers in. But I could leave my bags & go off to a cafe or something.
Man I was tired. Tired and super grumpy I trudged along Warwick Way looking for an early opening pub but no - not a single pub was open. It felt like I was in a third world country. Finally I found a cafe where I sat down in the warm & had some breakfast &, may all the angels be praised, some tea.
I sat there for a long while because I didn’t want to go back out in the cold to wander about again. Even had more tea to delay the inevitable but eventually I left & headed back toward the Sheriff. It was now raining icy rain so I dove into a church alcove & shivered. I felt like a homeless person because I was tired, cold,wet & extremely dramatic.
Finally after another cup of tea in another cafe I went back to the hotel & threw myself on their mercy so they let me lurk about in their breakfast room until my room was ready.
When I got to my room I went for a shower, brushed my poor neglected teeth & went to sleep for 9 hours.
Tomorrow I will venture out I thought as I started snoring away...

March 5th.

The V&A, Harrods, Fish & Chips, Jet Lag & Blisters.


Jet lag is not very pleasant, I just want to put that out there. Your body thinks it is 10 hours later than it actually is so it gets confused and wants to be awake when it ought to be asleep. I am looking forward to my body getting its act together and realise that it is in England so that sleeping at night is what it ought to be doing, not staying up & wanting to be playing June’s Journey on Facebook at 2am.After 9am (or 7pm body time) I set off for Victoria to catch the Tube to Sth Kensington so I could go to the Victoria & Albert Museum. When I reached the V&A it was a little early so I popped in to a cafe for a cup of tea & then into the museum for a couple of hours looking around at the gorgeous exhibits. Took lots of pictures & wandered about marvelling at things. If you ever come to London I do recommend a visit to this beautiful place. It’s free to enter & there really are some fantastic things to gaze upon.I spent a couple of hours wandering about as I said & then I set off up Brompton Rd towards Harrods passing Brompton Oratory along the way. I would have popped in for a look but it was not open so I continued on to Harrods thinking that I would be able to get something for lunch because I hadn’t had anything since 10 am the day before & was super hungry. I walked through Harrods, which seriously screams opulence in an understated & extremely posh way, looking for some fish & chips. Asked one of the nice young men positioned about the place where I might find such a thing & he directed me to the food hall on the ground floor. Found it without too much trouble. It is not a cafe or anything like that. It looks like a bar with stools (I’m sure they are exceedingly posh stools but they are stools). Looked at the menu on the bar - £27 for fish and chips. Clearly they are gold plated fish & chips. Even though I was incredibly hungry my Scottish blood would not allow me to waste £27 on a plate of fish and chips. So I smiled pleasantly at the lady behind the bar & got out of Harrods sharpish to find a pub.Pub found (The Bunch of Grapes) & fish & chips ordered with a nice large glass of white wine as well. Cost £19.50 -still pricey I think but we were in Knightsbridge after all. My jet lag started making a pest of itself so I walked over to the bus stop near the Natural History Museum to wait for the 360 bus to Elephant & Castle. This should have brought me quite close to the Sheriff & probably did but I have the worlds worst sense of direction & what should have been a 7 minute walk took over an hour. Seriously in my next life I would like to be tall with an inbuilt GPS please.My feet hurt so very much & I have blisters on them. Tomorrow I am planning on visiting the British Museum if I can walk. Fingers crossed ðŸ¤ΕΎ

KaitiesMum said:
Posted: 6 Mar 18, 08:25am

Oh Love, bloody blisters

March 6th. British Museum.

Sleeplessness, Mummies, hysterical young men & bleeding blisters - Discuss.


It is a well known fact that I am not a particularly good sleeper. Napper - my word yes - but sleeper, not so much. So, there I was in my bed in my hotel room trying to get a restful night. However, it was my absolute joy to be kept awake for the vast majority of the night by a screaming child in the room next to mine. So to say that I was a little grumpy today would be a bit of an understatement. In fact, truth be told, I am amazed that my head did not turn completely around while green vomit projected from my mouth (I have to say I have never seen that film but I know this happens in it). This child may very well have been sick but all I know is that it screamed all night long & earned a place on my list.
Anyway, despite very little sleep & very sore feet sporting quite an impressive blister display I set off by bus to the British Museum.
The BM is quite a fantastic place I have to say. Its collections cover the history of the world from ancient Egypt to present times so it is a pretty amazing place. There were lots of school groups touring around with their teachers & it was quite crowded actually.
It has to be said though that I am not a fan of Mummies. Just don’t like the thought of dead people being used as exhibits to be honest - also they are a bit scary. So when I found myself trapped in the Mummy section of this museum I got a little freaked out. This sort of thing has happened to me before - twice before in fact - so I have form. I know that in order to avoid the Mummies potentially waking up & stealing my soul that it is important to look ahead in an extremely focused way whilst desperately searching for the exit. So I did that.
There were small children all over the floor - possibly they had already had their souls sucked out by the Mummies - but it was everyone for themselves so I could not concern myself with them. I had to find the ‘get out of the Mummy exhibit exit’ any way I could. It is possible that I stepped on a few grade two students as I hurried towards the exit but I simply had to get out of there. Finally I made it out of that room & went looking for some restorative tea. Tea makes most things better - proven scientific fact.
Floor three of the museum is where the exhibits that I was interested in were located. So I had some tea in the restaurant up there & then went in to have a look at the lovely things on the third floor. My feet were so sore. I went down to the ground floor to take my shoes off because seriously they hurt like mad & discovered that my right toes were bleeding - how lovely. Popped a bandaid on as best I could, limped off to the gift shop & then out to cab rank which, thank God, is located directly out the front of the museum.
Had a few hours of shoe less bliss at the hotel & then back out to get to the Criterion Theatre to see The Comedy About a Bank Robbery. The theatre is directly across from Piccadilly Circus which was packed with tourists & entertainers & has, praise be, a Boots chemist just across the road. So I went over to get some plasters for my poor feet. Got some pretty impressive bandaids which I am hopeful will make a difference - fingers crossed.
The play was very good. Not side splittingly hilarious but clever & I chuckled away. The young man sitting next to me (who was from the Gold Coast) laughed louder & harder than anybody I have ever heard in my life, it was brilliant.
Thinking I will have a day off tomorrow to give my feet a rest.
I need them for Paris after all.

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