The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.
— G. K. Chesterton, 1874 - 1936


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The Stephenson's Abroad

Aug 2017 - Oct 2017

Katrena, John and Connor's UK trip







One week to go

Testing the blog


At this point I am wondering how on earth I will get through the to do list before we go. The most unprepared I have ever been for a family holiday but maybe that is a good thing - surprises can be good. I just need to write the TasWater submission for the Leg Co, write by performance review self assessment, recruit a new staff member, have a Board Meeting and various other work items; sort vaccinations, garden, house, dog, packing and 11 year old birthday and we might get out of here!

Vomiting and hobbling

Some hurdles yet to go


48 hours to go and status is:
Katrena - Achilles tendonitis (or possible the tendon next to the Achilles tendonitis) has had me hobbling but thanks to amazing podiatrist today and some osteo and acupuncture feeling a lot better so fingers crosse
Connor - Viral gastroenteritis - not a happy boy and missed saying a fond farewell to friends and playing a last game of Magic the Gathering but hopefully will be over the worst before we fly
John - seems good but both he and I are being very liberal with hand sanitizer,
antibacterial wipes and Glen 20 for fear of being hit much closer to travel time.
Dad- glad that we have finished work and he will still be asked to help out looking after an infectious child. He actually hasn't said that but I would feel that way if it were me.
On the plus side, I have sent my last work email, put the out of office reply on and forwarded the phone through and enjoyed a toast with the team prior to departing. I know it is all in good hands and now just have to wash, pack, deliver dog etc and then will sleep all the way to Singapore.

Sweaty Singapore

How to get over missing a night's sleep


When you leave Melbourne at midnight it is pretty certain that during the 8hour flight you won't get much sleep. It was with great relief we could at least check in early and freshen up but then we decided to keep Connor going we better do something fun- especially in light of the 30 plus degree day which is not something he is used to at all - so we headed off to the fun Island of Santos's - home to many a theme park, the Merlion and the cable car. We started with a cook-your-own pancake breakfast restaurant which made Connor very happy especially as it was his first real food post gastro and then fast passed our way through Universal Studios. Needless to say that Connor and I did the roller coasters and John held bags -we did managed however to get him on the Lost World water ride and by that point were happy to get a bit wet - it was hot! We took the cable car back toward the city centre and headed back to the hotel for a mid afternoon refreshing swim. Taxi's are very cheap in Singapore, especially for three of you. About 4.30pm we headed to the Gardens by the Bay which was my pick and loved by all. Simply spectacular with the artificial sky trees starting to be taken over by greenery, the two giant domes (Flower Garden and Cloud Forest) and the night time light show (which Connor slept through!). The Cloud Forest was our favourite. A Chinese dinner after a big walking day went down a treat.

It is all coming back to me now

Oh our aching feet


So having had to navigate in the dark and rain to not only our digs, but first to an entirely different place to get our key, I was thinking that after 17 years I just was not going to remember by old stomping ground despite despite so many years living at Drury Lane. However, today in the daylight after dragging Connor down both Drury and Memory Lanes it feels much more familiar and 190 Drury Lane does not look all that different. Still green shutters but a hair dresser now not a fruit shop at bottom. The White Hart has gone back to being the White Hart and I did get us on foot to key landmarks such as Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Piccadilly, Trafalgar Square, Horse Guards (and we caught the changing of the Guards there), Hamley's Toy Shop and the British Museum (the first quick visit to say hello to my old friend Jackie and key up a time to catch up). Connor has taken great delight in spending his birthday money (Dad) on a Death Eater Wand at Hamley's and a small London Bus lego at the Lego SHop in Leicester Square, only available there. We managed to organize pay as you go SIM cards and find a super market. All in all an excellent start. My only dilemma is that it is a lot warmer than I anticipated - my two t-shirts and one pair of 3/4 pants are going to take a beating. Maybe I will have to go shopping!!! Hoping clothes are like drinks - we just bought 5 drinks including a Guinness from the off liscence around the corner for under $10AUS. I suspect John may be heading back there soon.

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