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Travel Guide: Anguilla

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CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa

Price (US$):
$475 - $1375 / night

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Location. CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa is located on the beach in Rendezvous Bay, close to Rendezvous Bay Beach, Temenos Golf Club, and Meads Bay… more »

Cap Juluca

Price (US$):
$1275 - $1385 / night

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Location. Cap Juluca is located on the beach in West End Village, close to Barnes Bay, Meads Bay Beach, and Temenos Golf Club. Rendezvous Bay… more »

Viceroy Anguilla

Price (US$):
$600 - $4350 / night

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Location. Viceroy Anguilla is located on the beach in West End Village, close to Meads Bay Beach, Barnes Bay, and Temenos Golf Club. Rendezvous… more »

Anacaona Boutique Hotel

Price (US$):
$325 - $430 / night

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Location. Anacaona Boutique Hotel is located on the beach in West End Village, close to Meads Bay Beach, Barnes Bay, and Temenos Golf Club.… more »

Frangipani Resort

Price (US$):
$295 - $625 / night

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Location. Frangipani Resort is located on the beach in West End Village, close to Meads Bay Beach, Barnes Bay, and Temenos Golf Club. Rendezvous… more »

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Anguilla is a small island nation in the Caribbean Sea, a few miles north of Saint Martin.


Anguilla was colonized by English settlers from Saint Kitts in 1650, and administered by Great Britain until the early 19th century, when the island - against the wishes of the inhabitants - was incorporated into a single UK dependency along with Saint Kitts and Nevis. Several attempts at separation failed. In 1971, two years after a revolt, Anguilla was finally allowed to secede; this arrangement was formally recognized in 1980 with Anguilla becoming a separate UK dependency.

Anguilla has few natural resources, and the economy depends heavily on luxury tourism, offshore banking, lobster fishing, and remittances from emigrants. Increased activity in the tourism industry, which has spurred the growth of the construction sector, has contributed to economic growth.


Anguilla is a flat and low-lying island. It is 35 sq. miles, 16 miles long and 3 miles wide at the widest point. The highest point is Crocus Hill, at 65 meters.

The island is made of limestone, providing many caves. Two of the most impressive being The Big Springs located in Island Harbour and The Fountain located in Shoal Bay.

Anguilla also has many attractive coral reefs which provides habitats for a vast array of tropical fish and marine wildlife. This motivates individuals to take part in snorkeling.

Other Destinations

  • Meads Bay
  • Rendezvous Bay
  • Sandy Hill Bay
  • Little Bay
  • Crocus Bay
  • Shoal Bay
  • Scrub Island
  • Sandy Island
  • Silly Cay

Get In

By plane

American Airlines provides non-stop service to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Once in San Juan, one may connect using American Airlines, or their Oneworld Alliance partner Iberia, to 35 destinations in the United States and in the Caribbean. Liat provides once daily service to St. Thomas, and onwards to other destinations in the Caribbean.

It may be easier to access Anguilla via St. Maarten, which can be reached non-stop from many eastern U.S. cities, as well as European cities. Charter flights can take 8 minutes to reach Anguilla from St. Maarten. Visitors can try to book local air charters via Trans Anguilla or Anguilla Air Service. Many visitors charter boats privately from the pier near Princess Julianna Airport in St. Maarten to Anguilla. There are also modest, private ferries that depart from Marigot every 30 minutes.

By boat

There are regular ferries from St.Martin to Anguilla. It is a 20 minute crossing from Marigot, St. Martin to Blowing Point, Anguilla. Ferries commence service from 7:00AM. There is also a Charter Service, from Blowing Point, Anguilla to Princess Juliana Airport to make travel easier. This way of travel is the most common method of transport between Anguilla and St. Martin or Saint Maarten. If you do not want to get too wet, choose your seat carefully to sit facing the wind. If you experience sea sickness quite easily, ensure you take medication before leaving Anguilla.

Get Around

  • Driving is on the left-hand side of the road. Speeds are low, but the island is small. There are also a few round-abouts and stop lights throughout the island. Keep left and GIVE WAY TO THE RIGHT!

Taxi service is unmetered, with set rates. Taxi drivers offer island tours lasting several hours. Fares must be paid in cash.

  • The ferry from Blowing Point to Marigot, St. Martin runs all day on the half hour. The last ferry departs Anguilla at 6:15PM and final ferry departs St. Martin at 7:00PM. Connections and charters are available to other islands.
  • Cars, bikes, and mopeds can all be rented. Rental cars are available in from several different agencies. Hertz, Avis and other local agencies.



Anguilla has many farms of corn, peas, tomatoes and other crops. To see, buy or learn about plants and animals in Anguilla one can visit The Department of Agriculture, located in The Valley, Anguilla.

Anguilla National Trust is an organization whose task is to preserve Anguilla's natural environment, historic and cultural resources and archaeology. They can provide information on Anguilla's environment and conduct tours.

Gardens in Anguilla are:

  • Hydroponic Farm and Organic Gardens, CuisinArt Resort and Spa, West End.
  • Endangered Species Garden and Indigenous Local Plants Gardens, Cap Juluca Resort

The Angilla Beautification Club (ABC) also hosts an Annual Flower and Garden Show.


English is the official language, spoken everywhere.


Hiking, Art Gallery Tours, Horseback Riding at Seaside Stables, El Rancho Del Blues and CLiffside Stables. Tennis, Golf at Play-A-Round Mini-Golf Park and Temenos Golf Club, Spa and Wellness, Glass-bottom boat, Swimming, Snorkeling, Fishing, Festivals: Anguilla Summer Festival, Tranquility Jazz Festival, Moonsplash, Festival Del Mar, Annual Anguilla Yacht Regatta and Annual Lighting of the Christmas Tree.

There are many places to lounge, listen to music and dance such as:

  • Elvis Beach Bar, Sandy Ground
  • Ripples, Sandy Ground
  • Johnno's Beach Bar and Grill, Sandy Ground
  • Pumphouse, Sandy Ground
  • Rafe's, Sandy Ground
  • Dune Preserve, West End
  • Elodias, Shoal Bay, there is a live band on Sunday evenings
  • English Rose Restaurant, The Valley, karaoke on Friday nights
  • Ko Ko's Beach Bar, Island Harbour
  • Scilly Cay, a small island a few minutes away from the main island.
  • Seaside Stables, Cove Bay, [1]. Horseback Riding on the Beach


The East Caribbean dollar was fixed in 1976 at an exchange rate of 2.7 per U.S. dollar. U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere but change will be in East Caribbean currency. Credit cards are taken at hotels and restaurants (not everywhere will accept Amex. Mastercard/Visa preferred). Stores will have all prices listed in East Caribbean dollars.



There are many places to dine in Anguilla, with a wide variety of cuisines to chose from. The prices also vary depending on the selected restaurant.


  • Uncle Ernie's on Shoal Bay beach; inexpensive local BBQ;
  • Smitty's in Island Harbor.
  • Scilly Cay in Island Harbor; pronounced Silly Key; take a boat or swim out to this tiny island off the island. Food is great also the rum punch!! This is a nice place to lounge on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Roy's above Crocus Bay; started by a British expat and his wife. Great bargain lunches on Fridays. Very well known for their fish and chips.
  • The Pumphouse in Sandy Ground next to the old salt flats
  • Johnno's is an Anguillan landmark, run by John (Johnno) on Sandy Ground beach. It is an open air bar, restaurant and at night a dance club on the beach, often with live local bands.
  • Zara's, Shoal Bay - Listen to the Chef, Shamash, sing love songs in his kitchen while you watch him prepare your feast.

Reservations: 497 3229

  • Sandy Island, Sandy Ground, 476-6534 (Simone) for reservations.. A tiny offshore island where you're guaranteed a GREAT time! (Be brave and try the rum punch!!)
  • English Rose Restaurant, The Valley.
  • Ripples, Sandy Ground.
  • Elvis Beach Bar, Sandy Ground.
  • Elodias, Shoal Bay.
  • Gwen's Reggae Grill, Shoal Bay.
  • Tasty's at the Dune, West End.
  • B & D's BBQ, Long Bay
  • Big Jim's BBQ, Blowing Point
  • Amy's Bakery, Blowing Point
  • Mary's Bakery, The, Quarter
  • Hall's Unique Bakery, The Valley
  • Le Bon Pain, Island Harbour
  • Oriental Restaurant and Bar, The Valley; Chinese restaurant
  • Landing Strip Restaurant, Blowing Point
  • Nico's Restaurant, The Valley


  • Michel Rostant at the Malliouhana Incredible view, an awesome view and great food. Conde Nast traveler rated this restaurant 100 out of 100.
  • Hibernia Unique food, gracious hosts and a wonderful time always. Worth the drive!
  • Blanchard's Great decor, which is unfortunately undermined by the bland food.
  • Mango's Directly on the beach, with wonderful seafood.
  • Straw Hat Don't miss the crayfish here!
  • Altamer Delicious lobsters big as orbiting moons, great service.
  • Deon's Overlook Formerly Cyril's Overlook of Montauk/NY fame but now in the trusty hands of Deon. Fabulous seafood and great gazpacho soup!
  • Koal Keel Restaurant, The Valley.
  • Caprice, West End.
  • Kemia, Cap Juluca Hotel, West End.
  • Pimms, Cap Juluca Hotel, West End.
  • La Luna Rosa.
  • Le Bistro, Malliouhana, West End.
  • Santorini, CuisinArt, West End.
  • Veya, Sandy Ground.


Chose from an array of hotels, villas, guest houses and apartments to rest your head at night.



Anguilla Great House

Ku on Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay Villas - Shoal Bay

Arawak Beach Inn - Island Harbour

Frangipani Beach Club - Meads Bay

Rendezvous Bay Hotel and Villas - Rendezvous Bay

Caribbean Seaview - Long Path

Carimar Beach Club - Meads Bay

Lloyd's - The Valley

Masara Resort - Katouche

Ocean Breeze - Long Path


  • Sheriva Villas - Maundays Bay Road, West End
  • Cuisinart Resort and Spa
  • Cap Juluca
  • Malliouhana Hotel and Spa
  • Sirena Hotel - Meads Bay
  • Bird of Paradise - Sandy Hill Bay
  • Altamer Villas - Shoal Bay West
  • Coyaba Manor - Lockrum Estate
  • Spyglass Hill Villa - North Hill
  • Temenos Villas - Long Bay
  • Exclusivity - Captain's Bay
  • Kamique Little Harbour Villas - Little Harbour

Stay Safe

Anguilla is a safe island with a low crime rate. But please take necessary precautions--lock your doors at night, don't leave personal belongings in your unlocked rental car and don't give rides to pedestrians.

The Police station is in the capital, The Valley. Also, the hospital, Princess Alexandra Hosipal. There is only one hospital in Anguilla, however, there are many private doctors, including Hughes Medical Center located in West End. There are many Medical Clinics located in many villages such as, The Valley, West End, East End and Blowing Point.

Stay Healthy

Anguilla offers a variety of Spas and Wellness centers, Gyms and Healthy Food stores.


  • Louis Price Fitness, George Hill.
  • Cardigan Connor, Personal Trainer

Spas and Wellness Centers

  • Cardigan Connor's Massage
  • OSSIA Massage and Esthetics, South Hill
  • Taino Wellness Center
  • Carey's Ultimate Care Spa, North Side
  • Malakh Day Spa, Shoal Bay Beach, next to Gwen's Reggae Grill

Healty Food Stores

  • Simple Natural, The Valley


The beautiful people of Anguilla are incredibly friendly and hospitable.